About Me

I'm Sarah Louise Robertson.

I'm a multimedia journalist based in the Midlands (and I'm a dreamer)

I graduated from Bournemouth University in 2006 with a 2:1 in Multi Media Journalism and a passion for children's publishing. And that is what I did....writing for Kraze Club, Nickelodeon, Girl Talk, Barbie, Dora the Explorer and other super-fun children's titles for a couple of very fun years.

It was meant to be. Dougie McFly and me 2007
In 2008 my love of sport, gymnastics and writing weaved its way on to my career path and I moved to being Chief Sub Editor on SportsPro magazine and upped my coaching. Producing twice-British champions in Acrobatic Gymnastics! (While juggling press days and an editorial team!)

So, Now? 

I am a Broadcast Journalist for the BBC

I am passionate about promoting mental health and eating disorder awareness. 

I still keep 'down with the kids' writing about pre-teen issues.

I write books

Now, my life is just the way I like it. A pick and mix of journalism,  ranting and planning. 

No two days are the same. And it keeps me on my toes. I love it.

.....Did I mention, I dream?

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