Dream, Recover, Live

I began writing DREAM, RECOVER, LIVE when I started my journey of recovery from anorexia nervosa in July 2011. 

It documents the ups and downs and twists and turns of eating disorder recovery. 

It's where share my own journey through recovery though creative writing and analogies.

My early posts cover my pre-contemplation, my confusion, my battle with myself and my journey on the recovery road. I hope it helps show progress and how recovery evolves and becomes more certain as time goes by. 

"I dream of recovery and I believe that recovery 
from my eating disorder
 is possible." 

It's a space where you'll find snippets from my journal, my favourite inspirational quotes, amazing stories of courage and strength from those who have recovered.

Dream, Recover, Live is a place where I hope I can develop a healthy outlook and a healthy sense of self worth and share my journey into my life.

Recovery is possible. Dream it, then live it.