Monday, June 04, 2012

One Loves Being British...

....and one shall drink gin during this 4-day weekend to celebrate...but what is it I'm celebrating again? 

I am sure that a few people raising their G&Ts at street parties across Britain will wonder why they've found themselves wrapped in a giant union jack with a red, white and blue face at some point this weekend, but I'd like to believe most of us know why we're raising our glass? 

I'm not a Royalist, I am not anti-royal. I am not really nationalistic. I do have the a-typical British outlook that would love to see us top the Olympic medal table, for Andy Murray to win the Wimbledon and for us to win Eurovision (ha!) but, always get the niggling thought that, to be honest, we wont. 

So, I am patriotic and yes, the seas of Union Jacks and the sense of pride in our little island at the moment is, well, making me rather emotional. The Torch relay, the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympic Games (Euro 2012 - sort of!) and all the other events this summer are certainly raising spirits in my home town.

Street Party in 1977 for the Silver Jubilee 

Still, I can't help but be jealous of the 1977 street parties, the nostalgic pictures, memories and stories from the last time our country came together. But is occurred to me, that 2012 will one day be THE year to remember, even if it's because the Duke of Edinburgh missed the gig whilst tucked up with a glass of cranberry juice. 

In my eyes times are totally 'a changin' with the Royal family being 'cooler' than ever. Harry is Harry, K-Mid getting hitched to Wills and my favourite satirical tweets from @Queen_UK and @PrincePhillipDoE entertaining me on a daily basis.

Are we Brits finally able to laugh at ourselves a little more? Plus, who doesn't LOVE that Queenie likes to eat her grub in front of the box?

G&T for me...

I've been raising my G&T to Lizzy this weekend, well, what a lady...but bring on the London 2012 games. Then I really will be British....

....but for now, let me sip my Gin and have little cry at Price Charles' closing speech from the Palace concert. 

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