Friday, February 15, 2013

EDAW '13 - This much I know

I've poured both my heart and head out this week to help raise awareness and break down the myths around eating disorders and shed some light on such dark and secretive illnesses. 

I've written, filmed, asked, talked, shared and ranted. 

I’ve panicked, believed, cried, listened and doubted.

I have found where my own understanding of my eating disorder ends. 

But now the fight continues. My fight, that is. 

I’ll do the same for EDAW 2014, when I hope I understand a little more about myself. And maybe I can write that final post, after all, I'll be 365 days closer to freedom. 

Until then PLEASE keep talking about eating disorders, ask questions, support, try to understand, keep fighting, keep believing, challenging and thinking.

Be a friend, be you, be there, hold on. I will be doing the same.

Remember that eating disorders ruin lives, they consume sisters, friends, brothers and mothers, but don’t forget that 46% of people have already proved that anorexia can be beaten, eating disorders can be prevented.

And this is not how my story ends....

That much I know. 


HealingBelladonna said...

Thanks Sarah, you are an inspiration with all that you do in life. I hope you have a beautiful weekend <3

IDONATED said...

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