Monday, October 04, 2010

Daily Daydream: The Best Days of Your Life?

So, after another day at the office and another handfull of teenagers finding they can talk openly to me, in my quiet space at the top of the school its made me wonder...are these really the best days of their lives?

It's amazing how I am too quick to forgot the pains, traumas and complete confusion of those now so distant school days. I feel some anecdotes of my day coming on to help paint a picture of the modern school kid!

1) The boy who threw the cushion. 

On telling him off for throwing a seat cushion at his, well, not so 'cool' mate (the term 'mate' is used loosely here) he looked at my in his 'kevin-esque' way as to say "Erm, Madam, Why CAN'T I throw the cushion across the LRC?"

2) The girl who won't speak. 

I am currently working with a teenage girl who has become so shy and timid that she struggles to go to lessons, has a reduced timetable and can't even speak aloud to me one-on-one. She will become yet another statistic in a olympic sized swimming pool of teenagers with mental health problems, and we can't seem to help her break of out her shell.

3) Kiss Chase

On a lighter note why is it that Year 8 students are still playing kiss chase around my LRC? How come rumours are doing the rounds about girls getting pregant, which climaxed (no pun intended) in the 'pregnant girl' screaming...."BUT MADAM, I havent EVEN Started my periods yet!" ....que thirty 12 year old boys making a quick exit to the footie pitches....


4) My big fat gypsy wedding experience 

Chatting to Year 7 traveler students about last nights 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' on C4, and discussing their plans for their own big day, with glamorous, 35 feet long trains, tiaras, bling and layers of fabric, which will makes their wedding day the best. I am fascinated by the prospect of getting married so young and in such a big way and WHY they are so OTT for that big white wedding... I feel a feature coming on.....

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