Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Depression, Divorce and Dress Fittings

So, a week in to being the ripe old age of twenty six and, my gosh is life more complicated than a decade ago. Not only is my life more often than not in some type of trauma or crisis, but my friends around me seem to be suffering from some sort or mid-to-late-20s breakdown slash life laundry process. Although at the moment I really hope it's a quick wash...

There seem to be two main types of 26. One is planning her wedding, trying for babies or buying houses. The other, myself included, still doesn't know what she wants to do, is single non-committal-but-having-fun type of relationship girl, really wants to earn more and sees her beauty and psycho therapists once a week.  The third group, which is thankfully smaller, is getting divorced already. 

Whilst lying in bed watching women younger than me give birth on C4's 'One Born Every Minute' I do often wonder why there is such a split in lifestyle at this time in our lives?

Take me friends and me for example. I am single. Not happy in my job. Not earning enough money and not meeting worthwhile men. But kinda okay with it all.  Then meet my friends;

One friend, I'll call her A, is going through a sticky divorce, has two children and lost her Dad last year. She's had an eating disorder and has suffered from depression.

Another, friend B in this case, is getting married, wants kids soon after but gets constant crap from her employer, we are regularly in tears to each other on the phone.

Friend C has been signed off from work with depression and recently been prescribed anti-Ds to help her get through a mess of a situation with a recently rekindled relationship with a man who had an 8 month affair last year. He too has a big mess to deal with. 

D hasn't spoken to me for over a year now, she was sectioned under the mental health act for anorexia, bulimia and depression to name a few. I hate this.

The lovely E is getting married, shes still crazy and works her arse off, she owns her house, has a brand new car and loves her job. Most people would envy her. I know she also has issues, has been depressed and a war is brewing with her sisters. Watch this space.

Then there is F, she is expecting her first baby, lives with her long term boyfriend and seems really happy. Bless. 

I am left wondering what I want. Where I want to be and who I want to be WITH. I need to get over this commitment phobia I seem to have developed, stop working so hard and let myself go a bit. Or, I could just get a cat? 

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