Monday, June 27, 2011

We Heart Cupcakes

So, if you're anything like me and hundreds of other wannabe domestic goddesses out there you'll have totally become whipped up in the frosting frenzy that is the cupcake revolution. 

Checking the book store shelves for the latest, gorgeously designed and photographed and utterly divine recipies has quickly become a favourite pastime of mine and a sneaky taste of 'reject' cupcakes is now a given. 

Not only that, my family and friends have joined the revolution too, talk of cakes, cupcakes, frosting and icing has taken over from gossip of men, shoes and lipsticks (well, maybe!) The mutual love of our sweetly frosted friend has given a whole new slant on the Stepford Wives bake-offs of days gone by and has shot baking bang into the 21st Century. So have the baking bloggers...

My favourite, newest and sweetest blogs is edited by a fantastic friend of mine, Rebecca. Her tasty blog, Cupcake Caven is the place to be for all things cupcake. Her love of baking, and more specifically the decorating and eating of, our little treats is inspiring and Cupcake Caven is a one-stop for all my cupcake may even see a culinary creation or two of mine in there soon too.

Click the picture to visit Cupcake Cavern

However, her ever-bettering talent also means I need to up my baking game sharpish, so off to the kitchen I go....

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