Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lipsticks for Ladies, Pens for Friends...

So, how many of my girlie friends have huge hauls of lipsticks that 'don't really go with anything?'. Or How many of my friends in journalism have a pile of pens 'they don't like' in the bottom of their bags or collecting dust in a desk drawer?

I'm guilty of both. On a huge scale.

When I got an email from a very good friend of mine this morning, sat with a huge coffee and the weekend papers. I was stopped in my tracks. It's another of those reflective moments that make you question our 'first world pains'

Sarah (another Sarah!) told me about a routine trip to her doctor, which has inspired her to take action and think about what really matters. Will you help?

Her doctor travels to third world countries affected by serious poverty and deprivation and tries to help the local hospitals and communities as best she can.

"She has just come back from Madagascar and is trying to get a 
collection of things she can take back this winter."

We all know that collecting money can be difficult, times are tough for all of us and sometimes unfortunately cash gets lost along the way and finds its way in to the wrong hands.

"I was at the doctors and saw that she had a notice up about collecting pens. PENS?" 

The idea really touched Sarah and she's now helping her doctor gather a collection of pens, colouring pens and pencils for the children learning at the local school. 

"A pen is an absolute luxury to these kids- it's a birthday or Christmas present." 

The ladies also went mad for lipstick...

It seems like a funny request, but they begged Sarah's doctor for lipstick. Some of these families cannot afford their next meal, so make up is something they just don't have. They like to save them for weddings, etc.

"I think through all their obvious struggles it's lovely that they
can feel a million dollars for a day." 

Times are tough for everyone but please, please can you save any pens/colouring pencils and used/new lipsticks that you might throw away. Don't put them in the bin. If you go somewhere for lunch and you don't use the free colouring pencils please can you pass them on.

My fellow beauty addicts, is there a lipstick you don't really like that much? Just sitting in your make up bag, one that never touches you pout or a free one from your latest Clarins bonus time? Just think what it would mean for a woman who's never had one. 

It's really appreciated and it genuinely makes a difference.

Please get in touch with me if you can get involved and I will collect and pass on lipsticks and pens from friends in the Midlands or I'll get Sarah to get in touch with you. Please.

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