Thursday, October 04, 2012

National Poetry Day 2012

I've written a lot during my recovery, lots of journals, blog posts, letters and poems. Some I have shared, some I re-read regualry and some I had forgotten I had written, which still feel VERY real 12 months on. Like this one. 


You Think I Am.... 

By Sarah Robertson

Written in October 2011. 

If I'm beautiful,
I don't see it.

I'm not.

A Caring friend,
I hate what I've got.

A bubbly girl,
With ambition
And drive
I hate my body,
And hate what's inside.

I really don't see,
What you think you see,
Why on earth,
Would you want to be me?

I don't believe
What you do,
I’d give anything to change
And be more like you.

Everyone is better
Can't you see?
Why would you ever
Want to be me?

You think that I'm confident?
Happy and secure,
I doubt my opinions,
And wish I had more.

I haven't achieved
What I wanted to do
Why can't we swap?
And I be you?

I’m successful you say?
Really, I’m not,
My writing is fantastic?
I hate what I've got.

I could be better,
I could have whiter teeth,
I could have blonder hair,
And like what's beneath.

I think you are lying
To make me feel good,
I don't believe what you're saying,
Or believe that I should.

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