Tuesday, February 12, 2013

EDAW '13 - Talking about MY anorexia

So, it's day two of Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2013 and I am sharing a 'vlog' today as part of my challenge to talk about eating disorders in a different way everyday to raise awareness.

Despite being stuck in the epicentre of anorexia, I  learn new things about eating disorders and associated mental health problems every single time I talk to someone about it. Everyone has a different explanation, reason, habit, strength and weakness. I also learn a lot from listening to myself.

Today I listened to what my eating disorder was screaming (it does that!) and to what my dietician was saying and what I was thinking after 'coming out' about anorexia and saying 'those' words....I HAVE ANOREXIA....and this vlog is about what I've learnt and my pledge for the future.

Keep talking and keep reducing the stigma surrounding eating disorders. It could help somebody more than you think...

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