Monday, February 11, 2013

EDAW '13 - 'Spotlight' A poem about anorexia

An edited version of a poem I wrote in September 2011, describing my personal battle with anorexia.  From its tiny whispers to the way in which it ripped my life apart. I am sharing this as my first post to help raise awareness during Eating Disorder Awareness Wee 2013...


My thoughts and your rules,
Take over control,
You’re constant abuse
Dents and damages my soul.

Every mirror, every picture,
Every thought, every meal
You’d tell me it’s my fault,
And how I should feel.

As you came a little closer,
I accepted you in,
I welcomed your friendship,
And let your control begin.

You showed me your dance,
And sang me your song,
It all looked so perfect,
I must have been wrong.

Your dance looked so tempting,
And your song so sweet,
Your rules, my obsessions
Your shoes on my feet.

Having you on stage,
Dancing my dance,
Your rules, your numbers,
I’d given you a chance.

But enough is enough girl,
I am awakening again,
I can see your faults
And have felt your pain.

Your drugs are wearing off,
And your feet look sore,
I can see you’re struggling
I’ll duet no more.

Your control is slipping,
And your time is up,
Your dance is becoming weaker
And the box office is shut.

It’s time for my solo,
My moment to shine,
So tie up your shoes, Anorexia,
This spotlight is mine.


Naomi said...

I love this Sarah. - I'm running a project looking for creative pieces just like this. I would love to hear from you and ask for your permission to use this if possible? If you want to find out more about the project please contact me. All the best, N x

Sarah Robertson said...

Hi Naomi - how can I get in touch? Cheers, S.