Sunday, February 10, 2013

Who do you know?....Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2013.

Next week is Eating Disorders Awareness Week...and you know what? Everybody knows somebody. 

You all know me. 

Eating disorders are SERIOUS, with the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness. They can't be treated with drugs, there is no magic cure, there is no quick-fix and there is no easy way out. After all, only 46% of people with anorexia nervosa fully recover, 20% will die prematurely from it, a third make 'some progress'. 

As many of you know in May 2011 I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. I wan't to be one of the 46%.
After years of destructive thinking, hiding, over-working, exercising, restricting or what I saw as 'dieting' and being 'healthy' my life fell apart at the seams. Since starting on the rocky road of recovery, I have had my ups, my downs, my god damn AWFUL days and seen some light at the end of the tunnel, but whatever hurdle I've faced, I've not looked back. I promised (last EDAW) that I would keep 'pushing on' and promised family and friends I would always TRY. And I am. 

So, please, keep talking, keep reducing the stigma, don't be afraid to ask someone if they're ok, and if they say yes, but you're still worried, ask again. Anorexia is a sneaky illness, don't let it rip your sister, friend, brother, aunty or daughter away from you with its lies. It nearly took me. Everybody knows somebody, after all.

Please visit my pro-recovery project TEAM RECOVERY which celebrates it's first birthday next week for more recovery facts, figures and support. 

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