Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Talking Anorexia & Busting Myths

How are more people going to understand eating disorders? How are more people going to be able to ask for help? How are we going to keep mental health in the forefront of MP and doctors minds?

Answer: We need to keep talking about it. (or shouting about it where necessary!) 

Break the Silence of anorexia. Talk about it.
Let's be honest, they're pretty damn complex and confusing, for the sufferer and everyone else.

 But a fear of the unknown and misunderstanding of eating disorders does two things; It traps sufferers in silence, scared of being judged for their illness and it creates a stigma around what eating disorders REALLY are and who really suffers. 

The only way to tackle both head on is to start conversations, educate, expose talk and try and get our heads around the nitty gritty, often sensitive and scary issues surrounding eating disorders. 

And that's what I did today. 

You can hear my open and honest interview about my own battles with anorexia with Perry Spiller on BBC Radio Stoke for the next 7 days on the BBC iPlayer HERE  (or click the logo)

If you're struggling with an eating disorder or are worried about a family member or friend please get help and get in touch with someone:-

BEAT - The UK's eating disorder charity 
Mind Charity - The mental health charity
Team Recovery - An online support network of 'Recovery Ninjas' I co-founded

If you're a fellow 'media lovie' who'd like to SHOUT about mental health and talk about eating disorders, please, please take time to read Time to Change and BEAT's Media Guidelines.

Everyone mentioned here can also be found on Twitter. 

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