Saturday, June 01, 2013

Just do what Demi does

There aren't many celebrities who I'd label as truly 'inspirational' role models for girls these days, but I do feel one particular lady out there deserves the title.

In an ever-expanding galaxy of stars popping up on our TVs, her honesty and openness stands out. She has inspired millions of young women across the world to do the hardest thing possible. Be themselves.

Demi says thanks her fans for her strength in recovery.

Demi Lovato's gained the respect of young people who are battling bullies, their bodies and fighting eating disorders, by speaking out about her own struggles.

The 20-year old's also stood up to former Disney bosses in the past, tweeting her complaints when shows on the network made jokes about eating disorders.

But what she's continued to do since leaving rehab is be honest. With herself and her fans.

It's estimated that eating disorders affect 70 million people worldwide, with some research in America showing that 81 per cent of 10 year-olds are afraid of being fat.

When a former Disney starlet turned X Factor USA judge speaks out, it's quite often heard.

I believe in Demi baring all to a harsh world of gossip magazines and media attention, it opens up the possibility that young girls who feel trapped  in eating disorders or spirals of self-harm can speak out too.

And that's what Lovato's urged her fans to do. Get help.

Just this week she's admitted again that her millions of fans keep her recovery on track and hold her accountable, if she ever feels the pull back to eating disordered habits.

In an interview she did with a good friend of mine, Simon Morykin* this week she offered this advice...

"You have to accept yourself for who you are..."

Lovato is part of the Love is Louder movement.

And for what it's worth, my advice?

You don't have to be a celebrity with millions of followers to be strong, supported and accountable.

Believe that YOU can do what Demi does, you can speak up, get help and beat the battles with yourself too.

Get help now....

Team Recovery is an organisation I co-founded to promote recovery and provide support to people across the world suffering with eating disorders, self harm, anxiety and depression. 

You can join the Recovery Ninja's too, follow us Twitter @_teamrecovery or on Facebook.

BEAT is the UK's biggest eating disorders charity and their website has advice for sufferers, carers and friends of people struggling. They're also on Twitter @BeatED or call 0845 634 1414

Demi is part of the Love is Louder movement, which encourages young people to fight back at negative internal and external voices. You can find out more HERE

*Thank you to Simon Morykin and Total Access for asking Demi such an important question on my behalf for Team Recovery. Follow him on @SimonMorykin for the BEST celeb interviews and music. 

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